Wallpaper Removal

No more dated wallpaper- time for a fresh new start! We remove wallpaper in Raleigh and all of Wake Forest County.

Begin Again With Wallpaper Removal

Removing old wallpaper doesn't have to be a nightmare

Wallpaper removal can look very different depending on the type of wallpaper. A few factors include:

  • Type of wallpaper
  • Type of wallpaper paste
  • Previous prep work before that wallpaper was installed
  • Age of wallpaper

Try removing a corner. If the wallpaper easily lifts off with no tearing- congratulations! Your previous installer used the correct glue and prepped the wall. Go ahead and remove all the paper yourself. Call us if you need any repairs.

If the wallpaper is less easy to remove... call us. We have seen grown men reduced to tears, and marriages tested by these seemingly quick projects. The wallpapers of yesteryear were not as well designed to be removed as they are today.

Painting Over vs. Wallpaper Removal

Looking to paint over wallpaper? Go ahead! There's a lot of conflicting advice on if you have to remove wallpaper before painting, and as experts we are telling you it's okay. That being said, any texture the wallpaper has will show through the paint. This can end up looking very bad. So if you want smooth walls, it's still a good idea to remove the wallpaper first.

Still wondering about the process? Watch this great video from Thrift Diving of how she removed her wallpaper.

Call us and tell us about your project! Your walls are safe with us.

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Close up of a hand peeling off a strip of taupe colored wallpaper as a part of the wallpaper removal process
Servicing Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County

Wallpaper Removal

  • Call

    Give us a call and we can quickly appraise your situation and give you an accurate estimate.

  • Assess

    What's the square footage of the space you need worked on? You can measure yourself, or have us come over to take a look at it.

  • Room Prep

    If you can clear the space of furniture before we begin, that would be awesome. If you can't, that's okay too. We can help move any furniture. We also lay down a drop cloth to protect the floor.

  • Removal

    As professionals, we get it done faster. Wallpaper removal can take anywhere from a few hours for small projects, to a day or two for larger multi-room projects. We bring all our own tools such as putty knife, primer, rags, sponge, buckets, ladder, sandpaper, spackle, etc. 

  • Clean up

    Think of how clean everything will look after that old paper is gone and your new paint or wallpaper has replaced it. That's the dream we're going for!

Your walls are bare... now what?

After removing wallpaper, you're going to need to put something in its place! Check out our wallpaper installation service. Or, if you want paint, just let us know and we can connect you to our network of top-quality professionals.

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