Wallpaper Installation

Beautiful walls have never been so easy with Raleigh Wallpaper installation services

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Beautifiying Raleigh One Wall At A Time

Here at Raleigh Wallpaper, we make installation fast and simple. Our professional paperhangers will arrive prepared to transform your rooms in a matter of hours. It's our top priority to install wallpaper right the first time- guaranteed.

Tell Us About Your Wallpaper Installation Project

We will work with you and pay attention to detail for all your wallcovering needs. It helps to have the following information:

  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms
  • Condition of the walls
  • Type of wallpaper being installed
  • Height of the ceiling
  • Wall fixtures (cabinets, outlets, windows, etc)

This will help us come up with an estimation of how much it will cost.

How To Install Wallpaper

If you're wanting more information on the process, we found this video that explains the basics of wallpaper installation. (Courtesy of DeluxTrade UK). Please keep in mind things get more complicated if you have vaulted ceilings, lots of windows, electrical outlets, or other wall fixtures.

Reach out using the contact form on this page and get a coupon with your free quote!

The text "free coupon when you request a quote" sits in front of a fancy roll of gold wallpaper
A hotel bed with blue blankets sits in front of a wall with navy blue nautical-themed wallpaper that Raleigh Wallpaper did wallpaper installation for
Servicing Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County

Wallpaper Installation Process

  • Give Us a Call

    Every project is unique, and we would love to hear about the plans you're cooking up! We service Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County. Visit our contact page.

  • Assess

    It's important for us to know as many details as possible about your project. If you are unsure or unable to provide these details, we can come out to your building and do a courtesy assessment.

  • Room Prep

    The most important part of hanging wallpaper is prepping the walls beforehand. We ensure all walls are properly smooth and clean before hanging any wallpaper.

    We also ensure your furniture and floors are protected by laying down a dropcloth.

  • Installation

    This is where the magic happens! This process will look different depending on the kind of wallpaper you have. 

  • Clean Up

    You'll never even know we were here... except for your beautiful new walls, of course.

Get a coupon when you request a free quote

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