Commercial Wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper installation for your Raleigh, NC business

Build Your Brand With Commercial Wallpaper

Leave A Lasting Impression On Customers and Employees

Many businesses use wallpaper to create the atmosphere they want for their customers and employees. It can create a mood in a space that enhances your business and encourages people to return to your business, and to our beautiful city of Raleigh.

Protective Commercial Wallpaper

It's a little known fact that there are protective benefits to wallpaper. If you run a restaurant, there's specialty wallpaper designed to keep commercial kitchen equipment rust free and easy to clean. If you have a spa or hotel, there is thick washable wallpaper that protects your walls from damage.

Soundproof Commercial Wallpaper

If you own a hotel, there is soundproofing wallpaper that can greatly reduce the noise that travels between guest's rooms.

Improved Work Environment

Putting an accent wall in the break room can even boost employee morale by creating an inviting space for them to relax while taking a break.

For more information on the specifics of commercial wallpaper, watch the video below from Arte Wallcoverings.

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Comercial Wallpaper Installation Service

  • Call

    Call us and let us know about your project. We can give you an estimation as well as a timeline over the phone.

  • Assess

    For commercial wallpaper installation, there are a few pieces of information we need.

    • Current condition of walls (painted, already wallpapered, bare, etc)
    • If the site is currently under construction
    • Total square footage/number of rooms
    • Type of business
  • Room Prep

    You've spent time and money building your business, and we pledge to protect that. We'll lay down drop cloths to keep things clean, and we use the correct paste that allows for easy removal when it's time to update to a new look.

  • Installation

    This is where the wallpaper installation magic happens! Paste-the-wall, peel-and-stick, or pre-pasted wallpaper; we know how to install it all in the most professional way.

  • Clean Up

    Don't waste your manpower on cleaning up after messy contractors. We leave no rubbish behind so you can get right back to business, more beautiful than ever!

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