COVID19 and Raleigh Wallpaper’s Policies

A lot has happened in 2020. As a service that travels from place to place, we work hard to ensure the health and safety of our customers and ourselves.

Our promise

We follow state-set guidelines. Those seem to be constantly shifting, but we’ll always make sure to:

  • Wear masks at all times.
  • Keep a respectful distance of 6 feet.
  • Wash our hands upon entering and exiting a site.
  • Stay home if experiencing flu symptoms
  • Conduct as much business as possible online. This may include a virtual tour of your home while we are assessing a project.

Your help

As with so many things, it takes two to tango. Please help us keep ourselves and our other clients safe by:

  • Wearing a mask when you are within 6 feet of us.
  • No hugging, handshakes, or touching of any kind.
  • Disclosing any recent contact with confirmed COVID cases.
  • Disclosing any flu symptoms prior to any appointment.

Thank you

We are so grateful to be a part of the Raleigh community, and we want everyone to come out of this together. We are so much about our neighbors of every kind, and we care for our clients a great deal as these relationships are lasting. Thank you for your understanding while we navigate these difficult waters together. We’re all in the same boat. Safe sailing!

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