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Need professional wallpaper installation near Raleigh, North Carolina?

Professional paperhangers for walls in Raleigh, Carey, Garner, and all of Wake County.

Transform your space the easy way- with professional wallpaper installation by Raleigh Wallpaper. Our team of seasoned pros can upgrade your home in a matter of hours. The Raleigh Wallpaper website can help you hang wallpaper yourself, but we recommend professional wallpaper installation and wallpaper removal by a trained paperhanger. There is a reason people dedicate their whole career to this! Call us today!

Wallpaper Installation for Raleigh and Beyond

Our team of highly skilled wallpaper installers will ensure your new walls are seamless and won't bubble or peel after installation. With years of experience in all verities of wallpaper, we are up to any wallpaper installation job in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding Wake Forest County. We always clean up after ourselves, and only ever quote you a fair price. Wallpaper is not cheap, and we’ll make sure none of it is wasted or put up wrong.

Wallpaper Removal

If you're looking to remove wallpaper, we can help you with that as well. Removing wallpaper has the potential to damage your walls. But we use the safest methods, as well as after-care like sanding any rough patches, filling in any holes, and ensuring the space is ready for its new life.

Types of Wallpaper

Wallpaper installation method differs depending upon the type of wallpaper. Modern peel-and-stick is tempting because of its supposed ease, but we can tell you it's one of the most difficult to install because it clings to itself like a giant saran wrap nightmare. Peel-and-stick only applies to perfectly smooth walls, so if you go that route make sure your walls are thoroughly prepped. If your walls are very slightly textured, non-pasted paper is your best option. That way the correct amount of wallpaper paste can be painted on to compensate for the divots. That being said, we always sand the walls anyway to ensure there are no air bubbles. Heavily textured walls definitely need to be sanded before attempting to hang any wallpaper.

Whatever your beautiful and chic home dreams are, we can help bring them to life. We install all kinds of wallpaper: vinyl wallpaper, English pulp, silk, grasscloth,  paper, or a full mural, we’re there to help. As long as you’re in the area! We service Raleigh, Carey, Kightdale, Garner, and the rest of Wake County. If you are out of our service zone, we can connect you with someone else you can trust.

Thanks From Raleigh Wallpaper

Thank you for your consideration in looking through our site.  Hopefully we have some helpful information here that will aid you in giving  your environment a new life - one you can feel inspired and refreshed by.

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Wallcovering FAQ

How to hang wallpaper?

If you opt to travel the DIY route, confirm your schedule is clear for two days. You'll want one whole day to spend prepping your walls, and another day for hanging the wallpaper. Otherwise you could let our speedy pros handle it in hours rather than days! Click below to learn about how to install wallpaper.

Can you paint over wallpaper?

Painting over wallpaper can look really bad, especially if it's textured or bubbling because of faulty installation. Painting wallpaper  is doable, but it has a couple of caveats. Click the button to learn about painting over wallpaper.

Which wallpaper adhesive is best?

These days, there are many kinds of wallpaper adhesive. Raleigh's high humidity means there are some specific guidelines for what adhesive is best for your wallpaper installation. Click below to learn about all the ways to paste your wall.

What's the fastest way to remove wallpaper?

One quick google search will show you a million different ways to remove wallpaper. But which way is best? Our pros will tell you what's successfully worked for us for years. Click below to learn more about how to remove wallpaper.

Save Yourself The Trouble

How does one hang wallpaper? There are steps such as booking and cutting the wallpaper to suit any corners or outlets. Make sure to confirm the pattern matches up along the seams! The wallpaper adhesive used also matters. Most wallpaper paste is water-activated- spray down each sheet before applying it to the wall.
There's a lot that goes into wallpaper installation!
Our skilled paperhanging team knows the details of the entire process. Call us and sit back while you see your home turn over a new oak leaf.

Service and Speed

Why Choose Us

The only corners Raleigh Wallpaper cuts are those to make seamless transition from wall to ceiling!

We communicate every step of the way to make sure there are no surprise charges. Everyone will know exactly what needs to be done.

Our team are experts! We've done wallpaper installation in Raleigh for years.

Respect is our highest value. We will always respect your time, your home, and your trust in us to get the job done right.

Take pride in knowing your Raleigh home or business looks stylish (or at the very least like it's from this century). Once you choose your wallpaper material, come to us and we will install it perfectly.

"Respectful and clean"

I've had terrible experiences with "handyman" people coming into my house in the past. They left an enormous bill and a huge mess. But Raleigh Wallpaper was GREAT! No mess..... It took them only a few hours to wallpaper my bathroom. They may use me as a reference.

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Sonya Knapp

"They save me so much stress"

I flip homes for a living, and so I need a lot of wallpaper removed, and new wallpaper installed. I've gone to Raleigh Wallpaper for this for years and they've always been a pleasure. Even though their team has changed a little over the years, everyone is always fantastic and the owner knows me by name and sends me a Christmas card every year. At this point, I don't see a need to go anywhere else for wallpaper. All my homes look great.

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Ella-Grace Blaese

"Totally different house"

My home had wallpaper from the 70's in nearly every room. Way too big a job for me to do alone!!! Raleigh Wallpaper was prompt and professional. Do recommend.

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Adrienne Trevino

Wallpaper Services

Home wallpaper installation

Changing your walls is one among the fastest ways to totally transform your house (and cheaper than buying a set of all new furniture). If you've purchased wallpaper and realized DIY isn't as easy because it seems, give Raleigh Wallpaper a call!

Wallpaper removal

Removing old wallpaper is often an absolute nightmare. Peel back one layer and find six more hiding underneath! Some DIY wallpaper removal methods on the web are just bad advice. Allow us to save your walls (and your sanity) with our wallpaper removal service.

Wallpaper murals

Bring quality art into your home with wallpaper murals. Our completely seamless installation will leave your new mural looking like the artist painted it directly on your wall.

Commercial Wallpaper installation

Any business can create an inviting space with wallpaper, including hotels, spas, tech, restaurants, and office spaces. Upgrade the employee break room to boost morale or add an accent wall on the floor to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The Process

A hotel bed with blue blankets sits in front of a wall with navy blue nautical-themed wallpaper that Raleigh Wallpaper did wallpaper installation for
Servicing Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County

Wallpaper Installation

  • Reach Out

    Give us a call so we can hear about your project. Is it your bathroom, kitchen, or maybe your restaurant's walls? We do wallpaper installation in Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County.

  • Assess

    The more information you tell us about your project, the better. Square footage, ceiling height, wall condition, and number of rooms are all things we would love to hear about. If you need help determining these factors, just let us know and we can assist you.

  • Room Prep

    With any remodeling, it's important to protect everything else. We'll move all furniture away from the walls. After putting down a drop cloth, we will prep the walls by sanding, spackling, and priming. 

  • Hang

    Once the walls are ready, we prepare the paste. Depending on the kind of wallpaper you have, this could involve booking the wallpaper, pasting the wall, or slowly removing peel-and-stick. We then carefully cut out corners, outlets, and trim. If we're spraying water to activate glue, we're careful not to get it on your floor.

  • Clean

    We leave nothing behind except a gorgeous new wall! If we pack it in, we pack it out, including drywall dust, paint flakes and wallpaper scraps.

Servicing Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County

Removal Service

  • Reach Out

    Tell us all about the wallpaper you want gone. If it was installed in the last 20 years, it should come off easily. Earlier wallpaper can be harder to remove. The more you can tell us, the better.

  • Assess

    There are a few important things to know about your wallpaper project. Square footage, ceiling height, wall condition, and number of rooms are all things we would love to hear about. If you need help determining these factors, just let us know and we can assist you.

  • Room Prep

    We want your furniture and floors to be safe from the wallpaper removal process. To protect your home, we lay down painters cloths. We also ensure all furniture is safely out of the way.

  • Remove

    The wallpaper removal process is different depending on your wallpaper. Some paper will come right off, others need to be dampened, and others need a little more coaxing. Some wallpaper should not be removed, and instead needs to be sanded and spackled.

  • Clean

    As you can imagine, wallpaper removal is a messy, messy process. But you would never know about the chaos after we leave! No scrap is left behind- we clean it all.

Close up of a hand peeling off a strip of taupe colored wallpaper as a part of the wallpaper removal process
A bench with a pillow printed with a deer head sits in front of a wall with tall birtch tree wallpaper. This wallpaper has been repaired by Raleigh Wallpaper
Servicing Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County

Wallpaper Repair Service

  • In case something went wrong

    Wallpaper is best replaced every 2-15 years, depending on the quality, composition, and design. But its life can be preserved through some TLC. 

  • Quick Fix

    Is your wallpaper peeling, but you want it to stick around? Wallpaper older than 15 years can crack and bubble around seams, windowsills and doorframes. Improperly installed wallpaper can form bubbles almost immediately. Don't worry- that won't happen with us. But here are some tips on fixing your wallpaper.

  • Dust

    The peeling corner may have debris in it. Dust out any paint, plaster, or dust that has collected. If any plaster has crumbled away, now is a good time to fill in any damage with a drywall putty. Wait for it to dry before proceeding.

  • Re-glue

    Use a paintbrush to coat some wallpaper adhesive on the back of the exposed wallpaper. Gently press it to the wall, lightly smooth with a flat edge, and allow to dry. You're done! 

    If you have torn your wallpaper, click below for more information.

Servicing Raleigh, Carey, Garner, Knightdale, and all of Wake Forest County


  • Please just call us

    There is a real live human in Raleigh who is a wallpaper installation expert, who can't wait to talk to you (hint: It's us!). We're the wallpaper geeks. Every project varies so much, you really just have to call us.

  • Texture

    For proper adherence to walls, the surface must be smooth and debris-free. Popcorn ceilings and orange peel walls are not good textures for wallpaper. We sand down to what is called a "level 5 smooth".

  • Square footage

    A small project would be a headboard wall in a bedroom, kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, and cupboards.  Medium projects involve all walls in a room, and large projects can go up to multiple rooms. If you are a business looking to wallpaper many rooms, please see our business page.

  • Existing Wallcovering

    In order to avoid creating the wall-of-one-million-layers, we make sure any previous wallcovering is either removed or properly prepped before beginning. The state of your walls are a huge factor in price and time, so make sure to let us know what your situation is.

  • Furniture

    If you need large furniture moved from the room, we are more than happy to take care of that for you. It will cost a little extra depending on how much time that takes.

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